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Aizaz Chaudhry stresses need for stronger Pak-US ties

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry spent a busy day after holding public talks at the Carnegie Mellon University, World Affairs Council and with a gathering of Pakistani-Americans community in Pittsburgh, said a press release on Thursday from Pittsburgh.

While talking at Carnegie Mellon University, the Ambassador emphasized the need for strong Pakistan-US relations.

He stated that Pakistan and the United States need to work together to achieve the common objectives of peace and stability in the region, especially in Afghanistan.

He recalled that for seventy years, the two countries had worked together in a broad range of areas from education and health to commerce and information technology.

He also recalled how the two countries had worked effectively to defeat the forces of Al-Qaeda. He said that Pakistan’s successes both in security and economic domains must be recognized and appreciated.

The people of Pakistan expect the relationship to be based on mutual respect and mutual trust, he said. Chaudhry noted with appreciation the growing bilateral trade and investment ties, and the interest that corporate America was taking in the economic opportunities being unleashed in Pakistan due to the recent upswing in the economy of Pakistan.

Earlier in the day, while addressing ‘Distinguished Speaker’ Luncheon Series at the World Affairs Council, where he was welcomed by the institution’s President Angelica Ocampo, the Ambassador highlighted the achievements and sacrifices of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

He said that Pakistan has made concrete progress in eradicating the scourge of terrorism from the country. Terrorists are now on the run, and through intelligence-based operation Rad-ul-Fasaad, the remaining terrorist elements are being tracked down.

Referring to the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, he expressed the concern that the instability in Afghanistan could undermine the peace and stability of the region. Replying to a question, he stated that there was no military solution to the Afghan problem, and urged a comprehensive political approach to achieve a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

He highlighted the role that effective border management can play in interdicting the cross-border movement of terrorists. An early repatriation of Afghan refugees as Taliban and other militants were increasingly entering the refugee camps, he said.

In his remarks to the Pakistani Americans, Chaudhry appreciated the important contributions that the Pakistani community had made to the progress and prosperity of the United States.

The Ambassador noted that Pakistani diaspora was serving as a strong bridge between Pakistan and the United States. The Ambassador remarked that the Embassy and our four consulates remain committed to serving the consular needs of the community.

He also appreciated the role of the community in promoting the values of tolerance, harmony and understanding. Pakistani diaspora’s increasing participation in political life of their adopted homeland must be encouraged, he concluded.

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