Saira refuses role in any process related to medical and dental colleges recognition by PMDC


ISLAMABAD:  Federal Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar expressed serious disappointment over her name being mentioned in a press release issued by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) along with PM&DC President in the matter of recognition of medical and dental colleges.

Addressing a press conference, she said that at no point was any query sent to her by NAB prior to the approval of the inquiry’s initiation by the bureau’s executive board.

“As a federal minister and a public representative it was my basic right to be heard before any decision to initiate fact-finding was made,” said the minister.

Let it be clear that a minister has no role whatsoever, and is not involved in any manner, in any process related to the recognition of medical colleges,” she explained adding that: “The recognition of medical and dental colleges is the exclusive domain of PM&DC an autonomous regulatory body. It is regrettable that my name has been clubbed with PM&DC President in a matter where the minister has no authority or role.”

“I am not addressing this press conference to avoid accountability rather I request NAB chairman to initiate the inquiry on an immediate basis and conclude it in fifteen days. My family has been in politics for the last one hundred years and takes pride in its impeccable reputation. In my decade-long political career, I have upheld merit, fair play and the highest level of transparency. I have always believed in strengthening institutions by according them utmost importance and cooperation, as per law and policy. Needless to mention that respect for the law has been my forte,” stated Saira.

The minister further informed that she was writing a letter to NAB chairman to express her shock and disappointment over the mention of her name in the press release and also to request for a conclusion of any fact-finding by NAB within fifteen days so that it does not affect her campaign for the upcoming elections which she intends to contest.