State of emergency extended by 30 days in Maldives


The Maldivian parliament on Tuesday approved extending the state of emergency by 30 days following a request by President Abdulla Yameen, local media reported.
The crucial vote was held in the parliament on Tuesday evening in the 85-member chamber.
President Yameen on Monday requested the parliament to extend the state of emergency by 30 days due to the present threat to national security and a constitutional crisis following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Feb. 1 ordering the release of detained opposition leaders, including self-exiled former President Mohamed Nasheed.
Opposition legislators boycotted the parliamentary sessions on Monday when the matter was taken up, which led to those present forwarding the issue to Parliament’s National Security Committee for further deliberation.
The Maldivian president declared a 15-day state of emergency on Feb. 5 after the surprise Supreme Court ruling.
The Supreme Court ruling was, however, rescinded shortly after the declaration of the state of emergency.