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Oxfam releases internal report over Haiti sex scandal, offers apology

Port-Au-Prince: Oxfam has publicly released its internal investigation into the 2011 Haiti prostitution scandal. The 10-page report highlights how the allegations initially surfaced, how they were investigated and also includes reports into how the witnesses were treated.  Three staff members are alleged to have “physically threatened and intimidated” a witness during the investigation.

The British charity has been gripped by a scandal alleging that senior staff, including the former Haiti Country Director Roland van Hauwermeiren hired prostitutes at Oxfam premises after the 2010 earthquakes in the country. Van Hauwermeiren denies the allegations that he hired prostitutes at the property Oxfam had rented for him. The names of other staff involved in the scandal have been redacted in the report.

The Haiti government has threatened to expel the charity following allegations.

Oxfam’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Simon Ticehurst said in a statement that “Oxfam is grateful to the Haiti Government for allowing us the chance now to offer our humblest apologies and to begin explaining ourselves and start the long road ahead of re-establishing trust and partnership, given our 40-year history with Haiti and its citizens.”

“We will stand ready to engage with the people of Haiti and have expressed our openness to collaborate as much as required with the Haiti Government” he added.

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