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Feroze Khan tying the knot?

KARACHI: Actor Feroze Khan has become quite a heartthrob following the success of the television serial Khaani. Women across Pakistan and even in different parts of the world have been charmed by the actor’s performance but it has been reported that Khan will soon be breaking thousands of hearts as he is getting ready to tie the knot this year.

In a live Facebook conversation with a leading entertainment magazine, Feroze revealed that he is in a serious relationship with someone outside of the Pakistani media industry and he will be tying the knot soon. However, other details on his better half are under wraps and have not been disclosed.

“I can’t reveal everything [about my personal life], but I am getting married soon,” Feroze said. “My wish is to do it quietly and without any extra attention of any sorts. This is personal and I want to draw a line between my work and my personal life.”

He further remarked, “It is a responsibility, and I want to prove myself as a good partner. I am just praying that it all goes well, so let’s see!”

On the professional front, Khan is currently bathing in the success of Khaani which has quickly become one of the most watched dramas. Other than that, he has signed up for three projects post-Khaani: Romeo Weds Heer, Dino Ki Dulhaniya and Mehreen Jabbar’s untitled project.

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