Federal, provincial govts violating constitution by marginalizing Badin : Fahmida Mirza


ISLAMABAD: Former speaker National Assembly (NA)and senior Pakistan People’s Party leader Dr Fahmida Mirza said on Tuesday that both federal and Sindh governments are violating Article 37 and 38 by not treating Badin at par with other districts.

Speaking on the floor of NA, Dr Fahmida said that her district Badin is being marginalized due to inequitable distribution of resources.

She spoke about 1991 water accord and said that it is being violated. She reminded both the federal and Sindh government about article 37 of the constitution, which ensures the social justice for all and article 38 aims to protect the right of the economic well-being of all the people including their access to equitable resources, jobs and development schemes.

Criticizing the Sindh government’s approach towards Badin district, Dr Fahmida said that district Badin has not been made a part of the European Union-funded food security program. She said that it is a violation of the constitution by depriving people of Badin of basic necessities.

She appreciated Water Commission for taking notice of the contamination in drinking water and appealed to the Sindh government to look into the matter.