QR-based technology introduced for vehicle security in public parking


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police and JS Bank have introduced the latest parking solution which is developed on the basis of latest QR technology, named as Park Secure, through which Islamabad Police will now be securing all the public parking areas.

Park Secure issues a digitally created QR coupon using a mobile phone and will be tagged with the vehicle information upon entry of any vehicle in public parking areas. At the time of exit, citizens will be required to get the same QR code verified by the police officer who will scan the issued QR code using his mobile phone and will allow the car to exit after matching the credentials.

This system has multiple advantages apart from being an important step towards reducing the car theft from public parking areas. Police officials will be getting live statistics of the cars entered, exited and currently parked in any given area.

This will also enable them to share these statistics with the relevant authorities for better planning and management at their end as well. It is an extremely swift and efficient process which will add to the convenience for the public.

This system was launched at Islamabad Sunday bazaar and will be replicated in other areas soon as well.

Speaking about this new initiative, Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sultan Azam Temuri said that safety of the public and their property is of utmost importance for the police and they are trying day and night to ensure the same. He added that in continuation of the same, they have launched QR based digital secure parking system in Islamabad.

“This system has been designed and launched keeping public convenience factor in mind and we are sure it will benefit the general public at large,” he said.

The IGP further said, “We are committed to introducing digital policing in Islamabad and there are still many of these technology-based initiatives that are yet to be launched.”

Speaking on the occasion, Branchless Banking and Digital Implementation Country Head Noman Azhar said, “We are extremely happy to support the vision of Islamabad IG Sultan Azam Temuri for digitization of Islamabad Police as we believe digitization is the only answer to many problems faced in today’s world.”

He further said, “Digitization makes the process simple and will help in effective policing. Park Secure is a revolutionary initiative taken by Islamabad Police and will be of good for both public and administration.”



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