Karachi marathon sends message of inclusion


KARACHI: The Akram Foundation (TAF) in collaboration with Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) organised a marathon in the city Sunday morning where people from different walks of life participated to communicate the message of inclusion.

“This is an amazing initiative and there is no reason anyone should be in bed at 7 am, they should be here out in the sunshine getting fit,” Shaniera Akram, wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram, said while speaking at the event. “Look at everyone: all in support for SOP and our special community.”

She later tweeted, “If we are going to the finish line then we are going to do it together!” A motto I think that needs to be set for our whole country. There should be no reason to exclude or leave anyone behind. Ever! We are one for now and forever.”

“Right here we run for a cause, we run for inclusion…everybody is here,” said actor Sarwat Gilani, who was present at the event with her family. “It’s a Sunday morning and the only day in Karachi where you wake up for a good cause.”

Sarwat Gilani with her husband and son

Television host Nida Yasir was also present at the event where she shared her thoughts regarding the event. The television host commented that children should be taught that they are all the same and no one should be excluded from the society.

Nida Yasir with her daughter

The participants ran for five and 10 kilometres, while heavy bikers were also present to show support.

Shaneira also shared pictures from the event on her Instagram account.

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SOP is an organisation that provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. The Akram Foundation, on the other hand, is an initiative by cricket legend Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram to uplift destitute children and people in the country. Their goal is to “build a world where every life is as important as the next, children are given reasons to smile and every person is treated with the human rights they are entitled to.”