SC allows resumption of two packaged milk brands


KARACHI: Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan’s Karachi registry, on Saturday, has allowed Dairyland and Fauji Foods, the makers of Dayfresh and Nurpur brands of packaged milk, to resume production after their samples were cleared by Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR).

Both the brands will be available in the market in a day or two, according to sources familiar with the matter.

On January 27, the SC, while hearing a case regarding use of hormonal injections on farm cows, had banned Dayfresh (UHT milk), Dayfresh (pasteurised milk), Nurpur (UHT) milk, and Skimillac (skimmed milk powder) based on the findings of PCSIR, which tested market samples of 53 brands but deemed only these four unfit for consumption.

Following the orders, both the brands were ordered to stop production and remove stocks from the market and a retesting of their samples were initiated.

The SC allowed the brands to resume operations after the two companies cleared retesting, conducted under the supervision of Advocate Mohamed Vawda, whom the SC had appointed as commissioner to collect and test market samples of Karachi-based dairy companies.

The SC, however, instructed the Commission to keep testing market samples of these brands during next three months.