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Police detain 52 kite-sellers in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Police on Friday night conducted a raid in and around Royal Artillery Bazaar (RA Bazaar) against kite-sellers as well as those engaged in kite-flying.

The crackdown resulted in 52 arrests from nearby areas, officials said, adding that almost 7,000 kites and 150 strings were recovered during the raid.

At least two pistols and fireworks were also seized during the operation, authorities added.

Cases against those detained by the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) were also registered under the Punjab Prohibition of Kite Flying Ordinance, 2001, police said.

Earlier this week, it was decided that the police will use telescopes to keep a check on kite flying in the city this year and will arrest parents of children who’re found violating the ban on kiteflying.

It was decided that two telescopes will be provided to each police station, which will be installed on the rooftops of buildings in order to keep an eye on kite flying.

Police have also asked people to call the emergency service 15 if they see anyone indulged in the banned activity. They have been provided with megaphones to make public announcement against kite flying, according to the report.

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