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‘Pakistan ahead of developed countries in neurosurgery’

LAHORE: At a three-day international conference on neurosurgery, Prof Dr Khalid Mahmud in the presence of international delegates, professors of Punjab Institute of Neurosciences and Lahore General Hospital Unit 2 gave live training of endoscopy operations.

All the participants were delighted with the professional capabilities and expertise of Dr Khalid, who also presented his research papers and enlightened the audience with some of his career’s most complicated cases.

He said that Pakistani doctors in the past had to go abroad for training, but now the experienced doctors from Pakistan were sharing their experiences with those in other countries.  Dr Khalid said that Pakistan was ahead of the developed countries in neurosurgery, especially in endoscopy.  He called upon the young doctors to opt for modern techniques and provide the best possible medical facilities to the patients.

It is pertinent to mention here that apart from Pakistani doctors, the Neuro Surgeons Conference was attended by those from the US, KSA, Korea, Nepal, Russia, Italy, and the Czech Republic, who also shared their experiences. Surgical anatomy, brain path and sinonasal also came under discussion during the Skype sessions that were held to demonstrate endoscopy tumour biopsy and a live surgery was also undertaken.

Dr Khalid claimed that brain tumours were being removed in the Punjab Institute of Neurosciences of the Lahore General Hospital without opening the head, and that too free of cost for the poor. He told that the loss of blood in the process was minimal and the patient has to minimum time at the hospital.

He said that state-of-the-art facilities were available in the Punjab Institute of Neurosciences where complicated operations were being undertaken in large numbers.

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    I agree. With 80 to 90% first cousin marriages, there are lot of neurosurgery patients compared to other countries. So lot of experience, practice and need.

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