Girl found unconscious in graveyard after being kidnapped


PESHAWAR: A girl named Uzma was found unconscious in a graveyard on Friday evening after she was kidnapped in the Sheikhan area of Peshawar by unidentified people.

Earlier that day, she was helping her sister, a polio worker, administer polio vaccines.

SSP Operation Javed Iqbal admitted to the event claiming it was never reported to the police after the police denied the incident at first.

Talking to a local English daily, a police official said Uzma, 15, along with her sister Shabana, were busy working when Uzma was kidnapped by unidentified people. “Uzma was outside a house doing the door marking and Shabana was inside. Shabana heard a cry and quickly rushed outside to find no one,” he added, saying that a search was underway.

“In the evening, the girl was found unconscious in a graveyard,” he said, further adding that there had been no FIR registered yet.

The victim was later rushed to Lady Reading Hospital where she was undergoing treatment. Police said the initial report hadn’t stated any sexual abuse however they were waiting for details.