Devotees asked to give donkey as thanksgiving gift on birth of baby-boy


KARACHI: After ‘Murshid ji Billi’ that was worshiped by the devotees of a Sufi Saint  in district Dadu that became viral on the social media in Pakistan, now the devotees on the shrine of Makhdoom Pir Syed Rajan Qattar Jahania are being asked to give donkey as nazrana (thanksgiving gift) when his or her mannat (wish) of getting a baby boy gets fulfilled, Pakistan Today learned on Friday.

“When you get zero response from the doctors and when the science stops, then you must visit the shrine and make a mannat with Murshid that monkhey put diyo maa gadhah deendus (please give me a baby-boy, I will give you a donkey”, one of the caretaker of the shrine said.

In many parts of the country, particularly in Sindh and Punjab, the people visit the shrines, pay homage to the Sufis, offer prayers and make wishes and if and when they are fulfilled, they revisit the shrine and lay flowers or distribute some food there.

According to shrine’s caretaker Syed Ahmed Shah Jahania, people visit the shrine of Murshid Makhdoom Pir Syed Rajan Qattar Jahania for acceptance of their wishes, however, the requirement of a donkey is only limited to those who wish to have a baby boy in their family.

When asked about the baby-girl, the caretaker vehemently replied that there was no chance of baby-girl at the dargah of Murshid, people only get boys.

Moreover, those suffering from various serious diseases also come at the shrine and get healthy after staying three to four days here while praying and they distribute food etc in return.

The Murshid used to ride a donkey in his life that is why Murshid gets happy when the devotees give donkeys as nazrana, the caretaker added.

People from all walks of life including Muslims, Hindus, Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochi visit the shrine on the occasion of annual Urs (Death Anniversary) that takes place in the month of Shaaba’n.

Ali Gull, a devotee whose wish (mannat) of having a boy child was fulfilled told Pakistan Today that he was here to give a donkey to as he finally had a boy in his family.

The donkey was washed up and cleaned and was wearing a red chaddar was handed over to the caretaker of the shrine.