MCI approves beautification plan of capital


ISLAMABAD: Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) on Friday approved the policy regarding beautification and uplifting of parks, green belts, and roundabouts under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

The decision was taken at the 20th meeting of MCI which was chaired by Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz.

Under this policy, different companies would upgrade and beautify greenbelts, parks and other places under the CSR programme, while the ownership of these premises would rest with the authority so that residents of the city could be provided with improved facilities.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Anser said that the main objective behind this step was to enhance the beauty of the federal capital.

During the meeting, the report of MCI’s committee regarding property tax, water and charges were also placed before the session which was discussed in detail by the members of MCI. The house decided that the taxes collected from the rural areas of the city must be collected centrally so that better facilities could be provided to the residents.

Sheikh Anser decided to constitute a committee in the light of suggestions given by the members. During the meeting, the issue of slums was also discussed in detail and the participants of the meeting unanimously agreed that practical steps should be taken to control the expansion of slums in the federal capital.


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