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KU hosts winter flowers exhibition, extends it for another week

KARACHI: Karachi University (KU) on Friday held a winter flowers exhibition at its International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), which attracted a large number of people from all around the city.

More than 150 kinds of flowers and plants of the medicinal value were displayed. Although the exhibition was initially planned to be a one-day event, following the interest of the citizens, the exhibition was extended for a week (till next Friday). Visitors will be allowed come between 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm

On the occasion, the ICCBS Director Dr Iqbal Choudhary said that more plants can increase rainfall in the metropolis as plants are the stabilizing factors, which have the ability to control negative impacts of the changing climate.

Aesthetically planned arrangements of plants and flowers were made with floriculture and nursery techniques by specialized horticulturalists and gardeners who also used trash and broken pots to exhibit the flowers. Plants were displayed in the gardens of various institutes and centres of the varsity.

Names of some important medicinal flora that were displayed include Acalypha, Adenium obesum Aegle marmelos, Ageratum and others.

Dr Iqbal appreciated the efforts made by Research Institute of Chemistry’s Professor Dr Imran Malk and his team for arranging such a stunning event for the general public who were usually deprived of having such a leisure facility that in fact brings mental peace.

Dr Iqbal said that plantation of flora and plants would diminish the side effects of the current changing climate in the megalopolis, where the millions of people were facing the drastic effects of pollution and climate change.

He said that tree-planting can create environmental benefits. Trees and plants help reduce water shortages and damaging floods in heavy rains, he said adding that the trees also decrease soil erosion.

He said that there was a dire need to re-establish the tradition of flowers’ exhibition in the city so that the country could be turned into a peaceful society.

The visitors of the exhibition appreciated the initiative of the KU for providing them such a healthy and positive recreational activity.

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