Pak, Indian can’t be friends unless there’s settlement on Kashmir: FO | Pakistan Today

Pak, Indian can’t be friends unless there’s settlement on Kashmir: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday said that Pakistan and India have a fundamental dispute regarding Kashmir issue and all other problems between the two countries cannot be solved unless there is a political settlement on the Kashmir issue.

He told reporters at a weekly press briefing that Pakistan is always ready for talks with its neighbour to resolve all outstanding issues including the core issue of Kashmir.

The spokesman opined that both the countries cannot move forward without resolving the Kashmir issue and reiterated Pakistan’s principled stance that Kashmiri people should be given the right of self-determination or plebiscite under the UNSC resolutions.

Furthering commenting on the relations between Pakistan and India, the spokesperson said that Pakistan strongly rejects the allegations of certain Indian police and defence officials, as well as, media insinuations in connection with the reported attack on Sunjwan camp in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“A particular segment in the Indian media runs with their clear intention to malign Pakistan and whips up a public frenzy, we hope the world community would take due cognisance of India’s smear campaign against Pakistan and the deliberate creation of war hysteria,” he added.

On the recent comments of India’s defence minister, Dr Faisal said that India’s familiar tendency of apportioning blame on Pakistan without concrete evidence is regrettable. The reflex assignment of blame and smear campaigns based on unfounded allegations carry no credibility.

Dr Faisal stated that India is bent upon aggression, however, Pakistan is fully capable of defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He also regretted that India did not allow 173 Hindu yatrees to visit Katas Raj temple despite all preparations put in place by Pakistan.

The spokesman outrightly rejected India’s allegations of Pakistan being responsible for a terror attack in Indian occupied Kashmir and went on to state that unfounded allegations prior to any investigation and evidence are highly regrettable and the international community should take cognisance of this approach.

“We expect the international community to take cognizance of the belligerent and repeated Indian statements against Pakistan, which are not only against the international law but also threatens regional peace and security,” said Dr Faisal.

Regarding media reports of banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Deputy Leader, Khalid Mehsud Sajna, he said that Pakistan appreciates any action taken against its enemies. It does not support any move by foreign states to interfere in the internal affairs of Maldives and influence its upcoming elections. “Non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries has always been the key principle of our foreign policy”, he apprised.

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