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Farmers, vendors demand increase in milk prices

KARACHI: Vendors and farmers on Thursday protested in the Bhens Colony area of the metropolitan, demanding that the prices of milk should be increased according to inflation.

Another such protest was also carried out in Hyderabad. The protestors demanded that proper rates should be fixed for milk.

Mainly, members of Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association took part in the protest, however, they had to leave the site as the police baton charged them.

There was a severe traffic issue on the National Highway due to the protest.

On January 6, CJP Nisar prohibited dairy farmers from injecting hormones into cows and buffaloes to increase milk production, during a hearing of another case regarding tampered milk in Punjab.

Hearing a suo motu case, the CJP said that injections given to cows and buffaloes lead to diseases like cancer in children and adults consuming the milk and ordered companies producing tea whiteners to state on the packaging that their product is not a substitute for milk.

He also branded packaged milk “unfit for consumption” because the packages contain formalin chemical, which is extremely dangerous for human health.

A representative of Engro Food’s Tarang insisted that their product mentioned that the tea whitener was not a substitute for children’s milk; However, the chief justice turned down his objections and ordered the company to change their design.

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