Two suspects involved in illegal spinal fluid extraction undergo polygraph test


LAHORE: Two prime suspects involved in extracting and selling spinal fluid of girls in Hafizabad have been shifted to Lahore, where they underwent a polygraph test on Wednesday.

Nadeem and Sajid, members of a gang involved in extracting spinal fluid, were shifted to Lahore Forensic Laboratory, where they will took a polygraph test, police officials informed media.

Earlier, police officers on Tuesday arrested prime suspect involved in Hafizabad bone marrow scandal.

Suspect Sajid used to buy bone marrow from the gang that was detained during a raid on Monday. On the other hand, Nadeem, Aslam among five others are in jail on judicial remand.

One of the suspects Amna Bibi, said that her gang used to trick females and take their blood samples for the extraction of bone marrow, adding that approximately 90 women have been affected by this crime so far.

Police sources told that the gang had pretended to be officials from the government who wanted their spinal fluid for medical research purposes. They offered the victim’s father monthly fee in exchange.

The officers said that suspect Nadeem deceived the people by showing himself as an employee of district headquarters hospital.

Meanwhile, at least 16 more women are feared to have fallen victim to a gang accused of extracting spinal fluid from unwilling ‘patients’ and attempting to sell it on the black market.


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