Two high court judges hold dual nationality: report


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has summoned the establishment secretary on Wednesday for failing to submit the list of officials holding dual nationality and while reading the apex court and high court registrar’s report Chief Justice Saqib Nisar read out that one Lahore High Court judge, Justice Jawwad Hassan and one Sindh High Court Judge, KK Agha were dual nationals.

According to a report by a private media outlet, the reports further stated that no judges from Supreme Court, Peshawar High Court, Islamabad High Court and Balochistan High Court held dual nationality.

The report also shared details of lower judiciary judges who hold dual nationality. In Punjab, two judges- Ashfaq Ahmad Rana and Farkhanada Arshad- hold dual citizenship.

Likewise, Rashda Asad in Sindh and Farukh Ataullah Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are dual nationals. One lower judge in Islamabad, Samia Noreen, holds foreign nationality.