Nawaz calls out Nisar for his opposition to GT Road rally

  • Nisar says Nawaz was supposed to take motorway instead of GT Road after being decided in high-level party meeting

ISLAMABAD: In an apparent reference to isolated party leader Chaudry Nisar, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif quipped “where was the politician [Nisar] who had recommended him to return Lahore via motorway, instead of leading a rally via GT Road”; however, Nisar clarified, saying it was the party leadership’s decision.

Nawaz was presiding over an informal meeting of the PML-N leaders in Islamabad after his appearance before the accountability court in references pertaining to corruption unearthed in the Panama Papers case.

During the meeting, the ousted premier asked the participants where was the lawmaker who had recommended him to opt for motorway instead of Grand Trunk (GT) Road long march. To which, the party leader replied that he was angry with the party leadership so he has isolated himself.


In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the PML-N leader later in the day, it was stated that Nawaz was originally destined to take the motorway to reach Lahore, instead of GT Road, adding that the decision was made in a top-level PML-N meeting which was attended by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and other leaders.

The spokesperson said that except one or two leaders, all the PML-N members during the party’s Murree session had agreed that Nawaz Sharif should take the motorway. “The change of decision to take motorway wasn’t made on the advice of any politician,” it added.

The statement claimed that Nawaz Sharif met media-persons, including Mujibur Rehman Shami, at Punjab House after his ouster in which he was advised to take GT Road instead of the motorway.

It went on to state that Nawaz Sharif then directed Chaudhry Nisar to convey his message to Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif about making arrangements for the rally.

Nisar has been in the limelight for criticising Maryam Nawaz as the potential successor of Nawaz Sharif in the party politics and his open confrontations with ex-info minister Pervez Rasheed.



  1. Who said what is open fpr discussion but one thing is certain. Mr .Nisar can.t have it both ways.. Either he creeps to the cross and embraces Mr.Nawaz Shariff or takes his hat and leaves the party. The days of wine and roses appears to be over!

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