JuD to move court against govt ban on FIF

  • Govt imposed ban on FIF, JuD to appease India, US: spokesman

  • JuD terms presidential ordinance ‘a conspiracy’

LAHORE: Jamatud Dawa (JuD) Spokesperson Muhammad Yahya Mujahid on Wednesday expressed serious concerns over notification issued by the government to seize the assets of JuD and Falahe Insaniat Foundation (FIF) and said that the government was taking possession of the educational institutes, ambulances, dispensaries and other assets “to please India and America”.

“Our relief activities in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and Kashmir have been severely affected. Relief and welfare projects among education and health have been made difficult to continue.”

In his statement, he said that the JUD chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and other leaders had been detained without any reason last year. Now, the organisation’s relief projects in the whole country were being closed by issuing a notification to seize assets. Thousands of poor, orphans, widows and needy had been affected. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed advised the activists to be patient in this critical situation.

Terming the CPEC and Pakistan’s nuclear programme the hidden targets of India and the United States, he said that the action was being taken against JuD for the crime of raising their voice in favour of the Kashmiris and exposing the plots against Pakistan. India and the US want to silence everyone’s voice that was being raised against the vicious plots.

He accused India of always disdaining the UN resolutions regarding Kashmir.

He called the new presidential ordinance conspiracy not only against the JuD but also against the whole nation. “Pakistani rulers are passing a presidential ordinance against the JuD and FIF, and are taking action against patriotic organisations and departments of the country.”

“Seizing educational institutes, ambulances, dispensaries and other assets over Indian and American dictation, is cruel and abusive. In an independent and autonomous country, such measures – like those being taken by the Pakistani government – are not taken,” he added.

He announced to seek justice against the government’s unconstitutional and unlawful acts from courts.

“We would get our just and lawful rights from the court,” he said.


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