Workers protest on non-payment of 12-month salaries


KARACHI: Members of All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) and Food Department Employees Federation Sindh (FDEF) on Tuesday held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against non-payment of their 12-month salaries.

The protest was led by APCA General Secretary Shahnawaz Bhutto and other members including Mukhtiar Kalhoro and Gul Abbasi.

The leaders of Sindh small-scale industries said that since 12 months, their salaries and dues had not been paid which is causing them to face troubles.

The leaders said they were the bread earners of their families and had been protesting for a long time for not receiving their salaries, but the Sindh government did not pay attention towards their issue.

They said their children were not going to schools due to financial constraints caused by non-payment of the salaries. They appealed to Sindh chief minister and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders to address their problems and play their role in the release of their salaries as soon as possible.