Misconceptions and blunders

  • PML-N leadership needs a reality check

It was a blunder on the part of Nawaz Sharif and his advisers to reject the opposition’s proposal to resolve the Panamagate issue through Parliament rather than write to the SC to constitute a judicial commission to probe the charges. Months later as a new COAs and Chief Justice were inducted into office party’s young advisers-cum-media defenders conveyed in innuendos that both were government’s own men. The constitution of the JIT by the SC led to jubilation among the myopic leadership. When the JIT started grilling the Sharifs, everyone in the PML-N leadership screamed bloody murder. When the verdict to disqualify Nawaz Sharif was announced the leadership claimed that some in the army and judiciary were after Nawaz Sharif’s blood.

Nawaz Sharif did not listen to sane advice, at the initial stage by a number of opposition parties, and after the SC verdict by some of the senior party leaders. Why did the PML-N chief walk into a trap that he believes had been laid for him?

Attempts at rousing the public against the verdict won’t work. The party Nawaz Sharif has created is not meant for confrontation with the law enforcement bodies. Many in the party have changed loyalties to join the PML-N for no other reason than its being in power. Those supposed to lead the fight have numerous skeletons in their cupboards. The party as a whole is not meant to put up barricades and scuffle with police. Its MNAs and MPAs can very well put up a one day show by trucking supporters to a GT road rally. The masses however have no incentive to fight if the PML-N chief is sentenced. The motorways, fast urban transport, bridges and underpasses can fetch larger percentage of votes from an otherwise unimpressive turnout common on the election day. But deprived of decent educational and health facilities, forced to drink polluted water, and tens of thousands facing joblessness it would be the height of folly to believe the entire populace will come out and occupy the roads for days and weeks all over the country to oppose a verdict delivered against the PML-N chief.