Guns-slinging MQM-P MNA turns weapon on PTI member


MQM-P MNA Salman Baloch is being accused of pointing a loaded weapon at Ahsan Alavi in what appears to be an incident of road rage.

Ahsan Alavi, who is a senior social media team member of the Pakistan Tehrik i Insaaf’s (PTI) and manages the party’s twitter presence, took to his own twitter to complain about the event which took place late last night.

“Just 30 minutess ago, an MQM MNA, Salman Mujahid Baloch, pointed a gun at me and my driver, because my driver couldn’t move the car and make way for his big black VIGO in a small lane in DHA phase 2” he said in a tweet.

The PTI activist went on to add that Salman Baloch got out of his car, walked over to him and loaded the gun in front of him. He then proceeded to abuse him, at which point his guards exited their vehicle, and also pointed their guns at Ahsan Alavi’s car.

Salman Baloch is also alleged to have smashed the window of the victim’s car with the back end of his gun and telling him “your car will move this way now.”

“I’m still in shock because I could see the rage in his eyes and was almost sure that he will pull the trigger. Still can’t get the picture out of my mind. Extremely disturbing!” Ahsan Alavi went on to add.

And FIR has been filed against Salman Baloch by PTI leader Ali Haider Zaidi on behalf of Ahsan Alavi.

“FIR registered against Salman Baloch. I request every citizen of Karachi to rise against these criminals whose actions have badly damaged this once peaceful city! Well done Ahsan Alavi for speaking up!

While Salman Baloch has not responded directly to the allegations, his associates have come out in his defence. The only reaction from him as of yet has been retweeting statements in his support.

“My sympathies with Salman” read one. “How can a person threaten to kill someone when they are not even capable of hitting someone” read one.


“The PTI seems to be venting their frustrations of losing in NA 154 through such means” said another defender of the MQM-P lawmaker.

The incident has not been the first time that the lawmaker has been in the news recently, with him rejoining the MQM-P after a two month period in which he had defected to the Mustafa Kamal led PSP.