Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha tweet and make up


Bollywood’s latest show BFFs with Vogue has been stirring up a whole lot of drama and controversies. The recent episode, hosted by Neha Dhupia, featured Manish Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha who were asked to say what they thought of Sonam Kapoor.

The fashion designer was all praise for the star and said, “I think she is a real fashionista, and she is fabulous but I think Sonam has a lot more talent. She should definitely work a lot more. I mean she should do more films.”

However, Sonakshi then commented: “once Sonam showed me a lot of attitude and I think that was kind of unnecessary.”

To this remark, Sonam swiftly responded with an apology on Twitter. “Sona I’ve always been warm towards you, don’t remember showing you attitude! If you feel that way I’m sorry!”

Sonakshi however, promptly replied to this tweet and wrote, “Aww don’t be silly Sonam! We’ve all been on these shows where we are coaxed to say things we really don’t want to! And then arent we used to things being blown out of proportion? Not to be taken seriously! Big hug.”

These Bollywood starlets are definitely redefining celebrity friendship goals.