SC summons Jang Group owner over ‘fake news’


ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Monday summoned Jang newspaper chief editor and publisher of The News and Jang Mir Shakeelur Rahman to the court for a clarification, while taking notice of a “fake news” in Jang and The News.

The group’s papers on Monday carried a story on their front page titled: “Wants Shehbaz Sharif to become prime minister,” attributing the quote to the CJP.

On Monday afternoon, the CJP asked: “When did I express the desire for anyone to be elected.”

A day earlier, while hearing suo motu case into the drainage of polluted water into rivers and canals and the clinical waste of the hospitals at the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry, CJP Nisar had said: “If your party comes to power, it will seriously consider making you the next prime minister.”

Sharif had responded: “You too are after my job”, to which the CJP retorted, “Not we, you are yourself after your job.”

Justice Nisar warned on Monday that everything will be fixed if the newspaper is shut for four days, adding that “the court had already rejected Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah’s statement on the matter”.

On Sunday, the Supreme Court’s registrar office had rejected a statement of Rana Sanaullah that Justice Nisar wishes that the PML-N forms the next government. “It is clarified that the statement is totally false and concocted,” the SC registrar had said.

”The Jang media group newspaper used to be a good one but now it seems it has become mediocre,” remarked the CJP.

He told a representative of the media group in court to present a clarification on the issue by Tuesday “at any cost” and ask Mir Shakeelur Rahman to appear as well.


  1. This is a classical example of fake news or shall i say intentional misuse of media in favour of a particula person. The CJ remarks left nothing to doubt. He was not recommending any body.

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