Pakistan will continue to give political, diplomatic support to Kashmiris: Saira Tarrar


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Health Services Saira Afzal Tarrar said on Monday that Pakistan would continue moral, political and diplomatic support of the Kashmiris struggling to get their right to self-determination and would never budge from its principled stance on the issue.

The whole nation is united on the Kashmir issue and the incumbent government had effectively highlighted it at all the national and international forums, she said while talking to state media.

The minister said India had let loose a reign of terror and brutalities in occupied Kashmir, but it cannot break the resolve of Kashmiris.

She said the Kashmir freedom movement was indigenous and India had failed to understand its nature. The martyrdom of Burhan Wani had provided new impetus to the freedom movement as evident from growing number of youth seen bravely facing the brutalities of Indian forces in the occupied state.

She urged the international community and social activists to play their due role for resolving the Kashmir issue as per desire of the people of the occupied state.