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Sherpao denounces foreign dictation, lashes out against PML-N, PTI govts

PESHAWAR: Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said on Sunday that Pakistan is a sovereign state and it would not accept any dictation from outside. He said that Pakistan has an independent foreign policy and has every right to protect its national interests, therefore, it would not allow any power to undermine its independent status at any cost.

He was addressing a mammoth gathering in a village in Sherpao distract, Charssada, on the occasion to observe the death anniversary of former KP governor Shaheed Hayat Khan Sherpao. A large number of people, political leaders and activists attended the public meeting.

He regretted the inclination of certain international powers towards India, saying that it was not acceptable and it has been a source of great concerns. He said that the Pakistani nation stood for good relations with all neighbors on the basis of equality. He added that the balance of power between Pakistan and India would be essential for peace and stability in the region.

He paid rich tributes to Shaheed Hayat Khan Sherpao for meritorious services for the cause of Pashtuns. He said that the Shaheed leader never compromised on principles and laid down his life for the great cause, and his services would be remembered for a long time in annals of history.

He said that Hayat Khan was a great ideal for the generations who instilled political consciousness enabling the political workers to fight against all odds.

Sherpao lamented that the sense of deprivation amongst the smaller federating units has been on the high pedestal due to delay in National Finance Commission (NFC) Award, deprivation in CPEC, restriction on homeless tribal people in other provinces and maltreatment with Pashtuns including the killing of Naqeebullah.

He said that all the legitimate demands made by the Pashtuns should be accepted who are participating in a sit-in in Islamabad for their rights.

He also regretted the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) government for its step-motherly attitude towards the smaller province. He said that Pakistan is a federation and the federal democratic dispensation would only be viable if all the federating units were given equal treatment adding that PML-N  has leadership always trampled upon the rights of small provinces.

He said that If PML (N) does not change its attitude it would be disastrous for the federation.  He reiterated that the federal government should take steps for an early implementation of NFC awards and inclusion of Pashtun leadership in vital decision-making process and policy-making.

“The confrontation with the state institution is very harmful to the country.  The focus should be made on general elections in 2018 which would be helpful in the continuation of the democratic process and stability of the system,” he added.

Aftab Sherpao came down hard on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led provincial government for its failure to fulfill its election promises which he said exposed its credentials.

He said that its tall claims of reformation and changes proved as a total lie and it exposed the true face of the party leadership. He said that inability of KP government to properly plead the case of the province and Pashtuns which increased their hardships.

He protested that the announced the package for the martyrs by the provincial government is very meager as compared to other provinces. He claimed that the trillion trees project is only present on papers and nothing actually has been done on the ground.

He said that it is a serious case of irregularities and misappropriation which National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should thoroughly probe.

Talking about the KP Ehtisab Commission, he said that it is redundant and dysfunctional due to political maneuverings and interferences.

He said that the law and order situation is deteriorating and the incidents of sexual assault and  murders are on a rise where the culprits of high profile cases of DI Khan’ Sharifa Bibi Kohat’ s Asma Rani are still unsolved adding that the province has no forensic lab and in every matter Punjab’s help is sought.

He said that QWP is the staunchest supporter of the Pashtuns’ rights and it will leave no stone unturned to struggle for their rights.

QWP provincial Chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao and party central and provincial leaders were also present on this occasion.


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