Audience lauds three-day 16th Sufi music festival


LAHORE: A large audience lauded the spellbinding performance of renowned Sufi artists in a three-day 16th Sufi mystic music festival going on in Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium here.

Eminent singers and musicians amused a jammed packed crowd with instrumental and classical performances besides Sufi poetry in their melodious voices.

The event has been organised by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, where 29 musical groups all across the country comprising on more than 400 artists performed.

The Sufi poetry disseminated the message of peace, stability and strengthening brotherhood among human beings. The event was attended by renowned Sufi-musicians, singers and performers.

Prominent performers including Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Huaira Channa, Arif Lohar, Badar Qawal, Faiz Chisti, Muneer Chisti, Bushra Mrvi, Maham Sohail, Sheema Kirmani, Nighat Chaudhry, Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, Krishan Lal, Sain Zahoor, Sanam Marvi,  Javeed Bashir, Sabir Sain, Gonga Sain, Methoo Sain, Taj Balidi, Pappu Sain, Nawab Khan, Shaukat Ali, Farid Ayaz Abu Muhammad, Nawab Akhtar Zahri presented their famous mystic songs in the festival.

Sharing their opinions with the media, the audience said that such festivals should be conducted frequently as they are a good source of mental and spiritual tranquillity.

A large number of people from different walks of life attended the festival.