Woman creates female-only resort island


When former consultant Kristina Roth was taking a restorative vacation in Calabasas, California she noticed the effect men had on the good vibes when they arrived. “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick,” Roth said while speaking to The New York Post.

Later at Ranch Malibu, Roth had similar feelings and she felt that the men’s company seemed to mess with the relaxing vibes. That is when the idea for a vacation destination exclusively for females hit her and she decided to bring this idea to life.

Kristina Roth

The women-only, health-focused destination, opening soon off the coast of Finland, invites female guests to book days, weeks or even month long stays minus the men.

“The idea [at SuperShe island] is to focus on yourself; don’t try to get your hormones up,” Roth said.

Roth decided on Finland after falling in love with a local. “His parents own an island on the archipelago, and he kept telling me, the island next door is for sale,” she said. “I said, I’m not interested, I just bought a beautiful piece of land in Turks and Caicos — I’m really not interested.” But once she saw the place, she fell in love with the wooded utopia.

Despite the seemingly exclusionary approach, Roth said that she “loves men” and could even open the island to male guests in the future. But for now, a representative for SuperShe told The Independent: “Women need time to spend with other women” where they can “nurture each other’s dreams and desires.”

Activities on the island can include yoga, meditation, healthy eating, cooking classes and fitness classes.

Currently, the island visitors include Roth’s friends and inner circle. Nonetheless, there tentative plans to open the island to the public in June. However, the island will have exclusive memberships and according to the SuperShe website women must fill out an application with name, phone number, and why they are excited about the SuperShe Community. Eager applicants can also upload a video message as part of their applications.

Once reservations open to the public in July, Roth says she’ll vet interested parties in a similar way to Soho House, which requires current members to vouch for applicants. Costs are to be determined.

“I’d like to vet the person and see that they’re well-rounded and would fit in,” she says, “but I don’t want to be elitist.”