Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar’s Moomal Rano to finally see the light of the day


Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar’s film, earlier titled Mohabbat Ki Akhri Kahani, which has been in the pipeline for nearly three years now, is finally releasing. However, the title has now been changed to Moomal Rano.

The film which is an Indo-Pak collaboration penned by Zafar Miraj, directed by Sirajul Haq and produced by Zee TV is based on the Sindhi folklore Moomal Rano. According to reports, the name was changed because “it has a higher recall value and since the story is based on the popular Sindhi folklore, it made more sense.”

The film features Ahsan and Saba in lead roles while other cast members include Salman Saeed and Zainab Jameel.

In an interview, dated three years ago, Saba revealed that the film is “a love story based on the folk tale of Moomal Rano and I will be playing the role of Moomal.”

The tragic romance which appears in Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai’s Shah Jo Risalo is a tale of a woman Moomal whose lover, Rano abandons her thinking that she has cheated on him. Moomal patiently waits for his return only to be reunited much later.


While the team has not yet revealed why the project was postponed, the director spoke about it at length in an interview. He remarked, “It is not a solo project. We’ve worked in collaboration with Zee TV so everything has to be done through mutual understanding. We have been screening it at various film festivals globally and the response has been amazing from the jury. We will now be screening it at the Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) in March. That being said, we will be promoting Moomal Rano more on social media in the coming days.”

Speaking about his experience on working with the lead actors, the director said, “Ahsan and Saba are wonderful actors and they fit well into their characters. I could see Romeo and Juliet in them; both knew how to carry their characters effortlessly.”

Ahsan Khan on the film commented, “Moomal Rano is a film about art and culture. It has been shown at various film festivals earlier, and will now be shown in Pakistan too. Internationally we have received a lot of love and appreciation and we’re hoping the same from our own country too.”

The actor took to Instagram to share a short teaser of the film.

Moomal Rano will soon be aired on Pakistani TV channels.