Afghan Taliban release 17 Pakistani hostages | Pakistan Today

Afghan Taliban release 17 Pakistani hostages

KHYBER AGENCY: Afghan Taliban released 17 Pakistani hostages kidnapped on September 5, 2017, from Adil Khad area of Landi KotalLandi Kotal, on Friday.

According to reports, the hostages were shifted to Afghanistan after their abduction where they had been kept in the Lal Pur district of Nangarhar province.

The militants had kidnapped the individuals for a ransom but their families were too poor to pay the amount.

Family sources revealed that the hostages were expected to reach Pakistan on Saturday.

Khyber Agency political agent Khalid Mahmood said, “The hostages could have been recovered through law enforcement agencies’ efforts.”

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  2. Pearl said:

    Kidnapped by Pakistani Taliban and rescued by Afghan Taliban. They were kept as hostages in lalpura district by Pakistani Taliban and were released by Afghan Taliban in a special hostage rescue operation

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