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Two police officials arrested in Mudassir murder case

KASUR: Two police officials on Friday were arrested after being accused of conducting a fake encounter in which they had claimed that the rapist of five-year-old Iman Fatima was killed.

According to the police, Inspector Riaz Abbas Doggar and Younis are suspected of killing Mudassir in an alleged fake encounter. Deputy Superintendent of Police Mirza Arif Rasheed is already in police custody upon the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) instructions.

Mudassir was killed on February 25, 2017, in relation to the Iman Fatima murder case.

While according to the police, Mudassir had confessed to raping and killing Fatima, when Imran Ali was caught in the Zainab murder case, his DNA had matched with the sample taken from Fatima’s body.

The case was reopened after the latest development and the JIT had assured Mudassir’s mother that justice will be served.

Mudassir’s mother had alleged that SSP Ali Nasir Rizvi and DSP Arif Rasheed were also involved in the case.

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