Ranveer Singh admits he was outraged by death threats to Deepika


While the protests against Padmaavat were ongoing, most of the cast members were silent on the matter. However, now that the film has released and has crossed the 200-crore mark, cast members including Ranveer Singh are speaking about their feelings during that time period.

In an interview with India Today, Ranveer Singh admitted that he was full of rage when there were threats to chop off Deepika’s nose.

Speaking to the television channel, Ranveer said, “I was filled with rage. There’s no doubt about that. I had a very strong urge to act out, to speak out, but I was given strict instructions not to. And I had to respect that because I was not at the forefront of this fight. It’s the prerogative of the producers, of the director. If they were explicitly telling me that me saying something or doing something is going to complicate things further, I didn’t want to complicate their lives. I wanted to do my bit to make sure that the film gets made and released. If this is what they are asking me to do, I have to abide by that.”

Singh also said that he was disturbed and angry to see Bhansali getting attacked. “It was extremely disturbing and I felt angered to the core. All these feelings were like a tornado inside me, and I actually had to be calmed down by people around me.”

“Eventually, these perpetrators have lost. The film has won, Mr Bhansali has won. It’s a victory, the way this film is celebrated not just in our country but across the world. The kind of numbers it is posting is an indicator of widespread audience acceptance, approval and validation. I am very happy, especially for Mr Bhansali, because he has been through the most,” the actor concluded.

Padmaavat was released on January 25 after a long battle with extremists who alleged that the film distorted their Rajput history and presented their queen Rani Padmavati in bad light. However, the film opened to huge numbers and the extremists who protested in the first place applauded the film and took back their protests.

The film starres Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in lead roles.