Faisalabad’s hidden camera case: women’s clothing store owner still at large


FAISALABAD: The owner and an employee of a women’s clothing store in People’s Colony area, where a camera was found hidden in the trial room, remained still at large on Friday.

Earlier on Thursday, police raided a women’s clothing store in People’s Colony area of the city after a customer alerted authorities over alleged discovery of hidden cameras in the store’s changing (trial) room.

According to sources, police detained two of the store’s employees during the raid and registered a case against the incident at the People’s Colony Police Station.

The authorities have nominated four individuals in the case, including the store’s owner and manager. The two detained employees, meanwhile, are being interrogated over the incident.

Police sources said the raid was carried out after a young man complained that there were hidden cameras installed in the store’s changing room. The store belongs to a famous clothing brand, the sources added.