Karzai says Pak, US used Afghan war to further their own interests


KABUL: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has accused Pakistan and the United States of using the Afghanistan war to further their own national interests, adding that Afghanistan is in “terrible shape” 16 years after the collapse of the Taliban.

He also said that Afghans who had embraced the US as a friend and liberator now see it as “hurting us, not helping us”. “That has to change,” Karzai said in an interview.

In an interview at his Kabul home, where he wore his signature ankle-length green striped coat and karakul cap, Karzai echoed complaints from Afghanistan’s current government that accused neighbouring Pakistan of harbouring Taliban militants and urged the US to impose sanctions on Pakistani military and intelligence officials.

Citing US President Donald Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet that accused Pakistan of “lies and deceit”, Karzai said, “We hope the US will now act against Pakistan.”

But he added that “doesn’t mean that the Pakistani people should be hurt or that war should be launched in Pakistan”.

“In other words, I want the US to impose sanctions on the Pakistan military and the intelligence, not on the Pakistani people,” Karzai said.

The interview occurred a day after the US lawmakers questioned the direction of America’s longest war.


  1. Very strange that Mr Karazai has mentioned nothing about India who are a major supporter of Afghanistan, trade partners and training their Military and Police Officers. Also the Afghan Intelligence is hand in glove of RAW and busy in activities against Pakistan. He was ruler of Afghanistan and did little or nothing for that country. Now blames others.

  2. Dear Ex President Karzai. There is a difference between perception and reality. The real problem With the Govt. of Afghanistan is that it has never acknowledged the real existence of Pakistan. Your country was the only one which opposed Our birth at the UN gen .Assembly and was roundly criticised by the rest of the world and beat a hasty retreat. Pakistan Govt. and the pakistanis on the street have always had a soft corner for the fallow Citizens across the border. We were the first to rush to help you under the soviet invasion. We payed with blood sweat and tears and asked nothing in return and still ask for nothing. Your family too was provided for all the earhly needs in Pakistan including yourself but still you as a president have never ceased to criticise us and hold us responsible for the incompetency of Your Govt. Instead of joinig hands with us to help each other you indulge in blame game just as President Trump. with friends like you who needs enemies! You too were a Taliban once and had a ministriall post in Kabul(ref. Your own book)

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