Rs10bn poured down the drain as CDA officers indulge in wasteful spending



ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) officers spent over Rs10 billion on lavish spending, out of total revenue of Rs22 billion, after the sale of nine commercial and fifteen residential plots during the last year to meet its expenses.

According to sources, CDA’s former chairman misused his power and spent hefty amounts on the renovation of his office in CDA headquarter and spent Rs7 million. Moreover, CDA chairman, member admin, member engineering, member finance, member planning and member estate spent over Rs4 billion on the account of refreshment, petrol and employees.

Inexperienced administration of the top civic authority, instead of earning a profit for the institution, inflicted loss by selling out costly plots. Overall, the CDA faced a loss of Rs9 billion due to halting the allotment of commercial and residential plots, bill-boards and recoveries of other departments.

It is pertinent to mention that CDA was providing loans to federal government ten years ago, but due to political mingling, it is now stuck in the clutches of loans. Sources revealed that it has become a routine at CDA to auction costly plots in order to pay salaries to its employees.

Sources said that over 18,000 employees are currently working in CDA and the authority has to pay Rs7 billion as salaries per annum. However, due to lavish expenditures of the officers, Rs9 billion are spent as costly vehicles are used by the spouses and siblings of the officers on the expenses of the authority. CDA has had spent Rs1.22 billion during the tenure of ex-chairman Sheikh Ansar Aziz while member planning also spent Rs160 million on tea and refreshment of guests.

Asad Kiyani proved the most cost bearing official after CDA chairman, while member admin remained at the third number for spending amount of the authority.

Overall, Rs10 billion out of Rs22 billion were spent on lavish expenditures.  This hefty amount was collected after a sale of costly commercial and residential plots situated in the prominent sectors of the federal capital including F-11/2, D-12/1,3 and G-10/2.

Due to the negligence of the authorities concerned, CDA officers and officials are receiving the rent of gigantic billboards in millions, which is actually in billions of rupees.

CDA spokesman Malik Saleem commenting on the lavish spending by CDA officers said that the figures are not available. He added that billions of rupees collected from the auction of plots are being paid as salaries.

He justified that plots have to be sold due to non-availability of resources.