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Frieha Altaf takes to twitter to apologise for ‘derogatory comments’

Frieha Altaf, who received a huge backlash over the videos posted by her on Instagram, finally decided to step up and give an explanation for her behaviour.

The PR mogul, who also spoke a bit about her experience with sexual abuse, took to Twitter and apologised for hurting people’s sentiments.
She said, “Hello everyone. I’m sorry if i have inadvertently hurt anyone’s feelings. It was not my intent. In fashion we comment on clothes all the time and i’ve never had such an adverse reaction. People take pics of me all the time put on social media and commented on them.”

She further said, “I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings i apologise. I met the person we took a selfie together so i wasn’t invading anyone’s privacy. Hope this clarifies my position. Love to all of you. Frieha.”

PR mogul and former fashion model Frieha Altaf has recently come under fire for pointing fingers at other people’s fashion choices. Altaf who calls herself the ‘Queen of PK’ on Instagram has been part of the fashion industry for over a decade and her latest move has sparked a controversy.

Altaf took to Instagram to share a few videos of random people at the airport objecting to what they chose to wear. A Facebook user Riffat Alam brought this to attention as she called out Altaf’s hypocrisy on standing up for what’s right.

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