Palestinians denounce Israel for killing Palestinian man


The Islamic Hamas movement and Palestinian political factions on Tuesday denounced Israel for killing an Palestinian young man.
Israel accused the killed young man, identified as 19-year-old Ahmad Nasr Jarrar, of murdering an Israeli settler in the northern West Bank on Jan. 9.
In an official emailed press statement, Hamas said Jarrar “broke the Israeli military and security equations,” and Israel “will not be able to close the path of those walking along the path of Ahmed Jarrar.”
Bassam Salhi, secretary general of Palestinian People’s Party hailed Jarrar’s death as martyrdom asserting “the determination of our people’s national struggle.”
Jarrar represents the national Palestinian choice of resistance until the national political struggle “reaches its goals in ending the occupation and establishing the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and a settlement of the refugees issue based on UN Resolution 194,” he said in a press statement.
Jarrar’s family said their son was wanted for Israeli soldiers since the operation but denied any accusations, saying they have no information.
Jarrar is thought to be behind the drive-by shooting attack that killed a Rabbi living in a nearby settlement of Haft Gilad.
Israeli security Shin Bet and Border Police’s counterterrorism unit known as Yamam said in a statement to journalists that Jarrar came out of a building in Yamoun village with an M-16 rifle and explosives and was shot immediately.
Since the Haft Gilad shooting attack on Jan. 9, Israeli forces have intensified military activity in the north of the West Bank in search of the assailants.