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Frieha Altaf comes under fire for mocking people’s clothing

PR mogul and former fashion model Frieha Altaf has recently come under fire for pointing fingers at other people’s fashion choices. Altaf who calls herself the ‘Queen of PK’ on Instagram has been part of the fashion industry for over a decade and her latest move has sparked a controversy.

Altaf took to Instagram to share a few videos of random people at the airport objecting to what they chose to wear. A Facebook user Riffat Alam brought this to attention as she called out Altaf’s hypocrisy on standing up for what’s right.

Alam refused to accept Altaf’s use of star power to mock others, especially on their fashion choices, lamenting that she should, instead, be using her platform to fight against other social issues such as bullying.

Alam’s post on Facebook prompted a war on social media and people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the subject.

One user wrote, “Oh how I hate these kind of people. Wearing branded clothes with 5 kg makeup does not make you superior. Frieha Altaf you have no right to judge others; keep your dress code to yourself. These ladies are beautiful and have every right to dress the way they want.”

Another wrote, “It’s so sad when fully grown adults don’t know how to act as functioning members of society. This is something a teenager would post and think they’re super cool for doing it”

Many shared her earlier tweet which read, “Choice! Choose your education, life partner, clothing, job, art. Choose to be single or married. Choose to break the chains that tell you your just half the person who cant think or choose for themselves. Be equal. Fight for this choice. #freedomofchoice” and called her a hypocrite.

Altaf immediately removed the pictures from her Instagram, however, Alam had already taken screenshots and shared them.

Interestingly, Frieha took to Twitter to share her thoughts on child abuse, the next morning.

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