Conspiracy being hatched against Pakistan’s progress, not me: Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief and ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said that a conspiracy is being hatched against country’s progress, not against him.

Nawaz held a meeting with his ally Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai at Punjab House. The two leaders reportedly discussed the ongoing political situation and Senate elections.

He also met party workers and lawyers at Punjab House and discussed legal issues and proceedings in the accountability court with them.

During the meeting, discussions were held on mass contact campaign and recent party rallies, and PML-N leaders congratulated each other on successful rallies in Peshawar and Muzaffarabad.

Talking on the occasion, the former prime minister said people have rejected his disqualification and he will face all the cases bravely that have been lodged against him.

He maintained that time will prove the actions being taken against him are just based on revenge. Nawaz said PML-N always served the country and will continue to do so in future.

The practice to overthrow people’s mandate has to end now, he affirmed. The former Prime Minister further said that the people’s court has given a decision in his favour.

The former prime minister also summoned a meeting of PML-N leaders at Chaudhry Muneer’s residence later on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming Senate elections and the party’s future strategy.






  1. So far, the people of Pakistan knew only one big Chameleon, Mr 10% (Asif Zardari) but people can see a bigger and more dangerous Chameleon in disqualified PM Nawaz Sharif. He always wanted the Apex Court Judges and the CAOS to behave like his ‘yesman’ or show them the most disgraceful reactions like attacking the Apex Court physically or sack the CAOS disgracefully like did to Gen Karamat. Also wanted to sack Gen Musharraf and Gen Raheel Sharif and then to Gen Bajwa but they stood their ground. Thus the tussle and battle of ego. When fight the elephants, the grass is destroyed.

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