Reham Khan exits Pakistan citing threats


Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, left the country on Sunday night after allegedly receiving threats from unknown individuals.

Talking during a programme aired on a private news channel, Reham confirmed that she flew out of Pakistan after her staff received threatening phone calls from unknown individuals.

During the programme, Reham shared an audio recording in which the coordinator of Reham Khan Foundation was informing her about receiving calls from suspicious numbers where the callers were threatening the staff member to stop helping Reham in her interviews and other activities.

She also said that the entire incident was not only mentally taxing for her but had also affected the schooling of her daughter, which left the latter extremely distressed. She showed concern over the fact that no political party was standing in her support in this regard.

Reham did not elaborate on the nature of the threats and had yet to explain if the threats were related to a specific issue. It was also not clear whether she had filed a complaint with the police before leaving the country. Nevertheless, she did say that she could not fight this battle by staying in Pakistan and would handle the issue effectively from abroad.

She also said that her staff was receiving threatening calls since September 2017, adding that the threats have increased ever since, which led to her decision to leave the country.

Recently, Reham had said that she was contemplating to break her silence over certain matters in her knowledge. “I have knowledge of different private matters but I remained silent about them. Now that everything has been made public, I am thinking about breaking my silence as well,” she had told a correspondent of a foreign newspaper. She also said that a few former cricketers had advised her to forget Imran Khan and avoid confrontation with him.

Talking about her marriage to Imran, Reham said that the nikkah was performed on October 31, 2014, and she got divorced on the same date the next year. “My opinion was not taken while deciding the marriage and divorce dates. I think someone else’s opinion mattered more in this regard,” she said.

She said that she had advised Imran against lying about their marriage as it would make a mockery of their relationship. Though it was a lie, he [Imran] was adamant to share a tweet denying that he got married.

Reham also said that her sources had confirmed Imran’s remarriage with his spiritual guide.


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