Kashmir Solidarity Day: World urged to play its due role to resolve Kashmir issue



ISLAMABAD: A large number of people Monday participated in a rally organised by Muslim Institue (MI) from Kalsoom Plaza to China Crossing here to express solidarity with Kashmiris on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The members of civil society, political and social sector, students, lawyers and journalists carried placards and banners displaying slogans about the condemnation of state terrorism by Indian occupied forces.

They demanded the right of self-determination for Kashmiris, appreciated their freedom struggle, expressed solidarity with them and urged the international community to play its due role and fulfil pledges made with Kashmiri people.

The speakers urged the world forums, governments and rights bodies to play their role in stopping atrocities in the Indian-administered Kashmir.

Former ambassador Fozia Nasreen, APCH leader Abdul Hameed Lone, Altaf Wani, former AJK minister Farzana Yaqoob and MI PR Coordinator Tahir Mahmood were leading the rally.

Addressing the participants of the rally, the speakers said that the nation stands with Kashmiris till their right to self-determination is practised.

In occupied Kashmir, Indian forces are not allowing journalists to go to the areas where they are committing human rights violations. India has also initiated demographic changes through settlements, particularly in Jammu, and such brutal acts had triggered massive protests in the valley, they said.

The speakers said that India is using false propaganda to declare the freedom movement as terrorism but has failed.

They emphasised to use the social media and other sources to raise the voice for the struggle of Kashmiris for freedom. It is actually India which is committing the acts of state terrorism, they added.

Speakers reiterated that Pakistan stands with Kashmiri people and will continue every kind of political, diplomatic and moral support till freedom from Indian occupying forces is achieved.

They admired strong will of Kashmiris to confront the torment and illegal detention by India. Furthermore, settlement of Hindus in Kashmir is artificial dressing of democratic front to counter the self-determination struggle.

By not giving the right of self- determination to Kashmiris, India has exposed its claim of so-called world’s biggest democracy, they added.

They said that Kashmir issue should be resolved in conformity with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions in line with the will of people of Kashmir on a humanitarian basis, and the international community should play an effective role in this regard.

The human rights organisations should take notice of flagrant violations of fundamental human rights by Indian state apparatus and declare the same as state terrorism, the speakers said and added that Pakistan should adhere to its principled stance of right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir, and Muslim countries should put diplomatic and political pressure on India to resolve the issue according to its pledges.



  1. With symbolic pictures like this of children holding Gun, you know what the world never has and never will support Kashimir

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