Will not stop before driving development towards completion: CM Shehbaz


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, while accosting the opponents, said that he won’t stop without driving the agenda of public development towards completion.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the chief minister said that no obstacle will be allowed to hinder the voyage of prosperity. He added that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has initiated such mega projects for the development and prosperity of the people whose match can’t be found in the 70-year history of the country.

The CM went on to say that the provision of record development budget to South Punjab is also an honour of the PML-N government. He added that transparency, quality and speed are the distinctive features of Punjab government that is why “Punjab speed” is not only renowned in Pakistan but in the whole world.

Shehbaz said that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a record has been set by saving millions of rupees in almost every development project and this saving is being used in other public welfare schemes. The CM further added that innovatory projects have been started in education, health, agriculture and other sectors whose positive impact has raised the living standard of the public.

He said that the magic of PML-N’s mega projects will show its influence in the next elections. He vowed that after coming into power with public support in 2018 elections, his party will fulfil the determination of bringing Pakistan in the line with developed countries. “We only believe in public service, development and prosperity as this is our politics and our worship,” said Shehbaz.

He further said, “Those whose politics is based on lies, allegations and U-turns have no interest in public service, so on which grounds they claim to be public representatives?” The chief minister said that the elements who promoted disrespect and falsehoods in politics, have also tried to stop the journey of development in Punjab and were responsible for the delay in welfare projects like Orange Train.

CM Shehbaz vowed that they will continue moving forward on the voyage of development without paying heed to opponents’ criticism as people’s prosperity and solution of their issues is the act closest to the heart. He added that “we have always served the public and will continue it till last breath”.

Asking the opponents to review the development and transparency of Punjab, the chief minister said that the new record was set up by saving Rs625 billion in the projects. “Those who are levelling baseless allegations and are habitual of criticism for the sake of criticism will get nothing else than regret and vows in upcoming elections,” CM hoped.