Pasban-e-Pakistan warns voters of political parties’ ‘catchy slogans’ in 2018 polls


KARACHI: Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor said on Sunday that the stereotypical political parties of Pakistan and their cunning leaders are once again ready to exploit the voters of Pakistan, with their crocodile tears and catchy slogans.

He said that these parties have never served the poor masses and would never serve them because they safeguard the interests of Waderas (feudal leaders), industrialists, business tycoons and other segments of the elite class.

He said there is no real political platform for the poor people of Pakistan. He added that the ruling and opposition parties are the part of the musical chair game of Pakistani politics and they enjoy the sweet fruits of the government taking their turns, while they are least concerned about the problems of poor voters.

He said that as the general elections of 2018 are coming nearer, different political parties have started making alliances. He said his party, Pasban-e-Pakistan has also decided to make an alliance, but this alliance would be not with any political party, but with the people of Pakistan.

He said this Pasban-Awam-Ittehad (protection of people alliance) would aim to resolve the problems of people and raise voice for them. He said that in this alliance, you would not find feudal leaders and tycoons, who have been looting this country for last 70 years.

He said that the party and its leadership belong to ordinary citizens. Anyone wishing to serve this nation and the people can also join this alliance, he appealed.

He said we would not seek your pocket but to see your aspiration, dedication, commitment and zeal to the cause of serving people. He said in order for us to develop this country, it is necessary that selfless people also come forward to play their role, do not believe in corruption and who want to do some real good to this nation.