Atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir increasing every day: minister


LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said that February 5 is the day which reflects the desire of human rights loving people of the world that India must leave Kashmir and give Kashmiris their right to self-determination.

The minister, in a statement here on Sunday, said that since 1948, Kashmir is a big issue for the UN that is why many debates and discussions are made on it but the final result is yet to come. He said that  Indian occupation army is violating the human rights, which is increasing day by day as according to a report, total killings of innocent individuals were 94,874 while 1,142,000 individuals have been arrested.

Moreover, 22,764 women have been injured, 11,026 women have been molested and over 107,441 kids have become orphans. The minister asked, “Where were the human rights? Are there no rules of human rights for Kashmiris?”

The minister appealed to the United Nations to serve justice for Kashmir. He also hoped that Kashmiris will soon get their ultimate destination, which is Pakistan.