Israel army hit Hamas in response to rocket shelling: IDF | Pakistan Today

Israel army hit Hamas in response to rocket shelling: IDF

TEL AVIV: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed on Saturday that its Air Force had hit several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to a rocket shelling from the enclave.

“Moments ago, in response to the rocket fired at southern Israel earlier this evening, fighter jets struck a Hamas compound composed of two military structures in the southern Gaza Strip. The IDF holds Hamas accountable for all violence emanating from the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said on Twitter.

The rocket attack from the Gaza Strip resulted in no casualties. No information about any casualties as a result of Israel’s retaliatory fire has been provided yet.

​This is the second exchange of fire between Israel and the enclave over the past 24 hours.

Earlier on Saturday, a local resident told Sputnik that the Israeli Air Force had fired several missiles at two Hamas operated buildings in the city of Rafah. The day before, the IDF said that a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel had been identified.

Rocket launches from the Gaza Strip have intensified following US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6. The Israeli authorities blame the Hamas movement for rocket attacks, demanding compliance with the ceasefire by all Palestinian factions.

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