‘Thought of girl as my own daughter,’ PML-N senator explains fondling


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Nisar Muhammad, who was seen groping and fondling a minor girl during a speech he delivered in Karachi, has defended his actions by saying that his actions were misread as he regards the girl in question “as his own daughter”.

A video that surfaced on Facebook showing the PML-N senior lawmaker “groping” a minor girl caused widespread public outrage on the social media. The incident was connected to the various recent cases of child abuse in the country by social media users with recent stories like the Zainab rape and murder case in mind.

The video was filmed while the senator was addressing a protest in Karachi’s Sohrab Goth area for the alleged extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud.



The senator uploaded a video message on a Facebook page, stating that the young girl was speaking at the sit-in when he arrived at the venue with his delegation comprising Senators Nasreen Jalil, Farhatullah Babar, Shahi Syed and others.

Nisar said that the “girl’s speech about how she and her four sisters had lost their only brother had greatly moved the gathering, prompting many to cry.”

“As I stood up to speak, I invited her to stand with me, seeing her as my own daughter, while her tears were still flowing,” Nisar said. “I couldn’t stop my own tears and found it difficult to continue speaking so I said that this is such a situation that I could not make a speech and that I would rather sit down and continue.”

“What kind of humans are these? They are not humans but beasts,” he said, referring to people who criticised him for acting inappropriately. He further complained that the “mentality” of social media users was questionable and that the media was “using the incident for ratings”.