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Sit-in group will not be allowed to play with country’s destiny anymore: CM

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said that the sit-in group will not be allowed to play with the destiny of the country anymore. The negative attitude of those playing the politics of falsehood, anarchy and allegations, has a pernicious effect on democracy and the democratic institutions, he said.

The chief minister said that an effort was made to negatively influence the journey of national development through plunder, sit-ins and lockdowns. In the backdrop of the ongoing international situation, Pakistan cannot tolerate negative politics in any way. The defeated political elements, therefore, should realise the facts, he added.

He lamented that the previous governments had left no stone unturned to plunder during their tenures and added that those who looted from the people mercilessly by expanding their network of corruption could not be loyal to the nation. These people pushed the country towards darkness and as a result, people suffered heavily. Had they given any attention to the solutions of the people’s problems in their tenure, Pakistan would have become a developed country by now. The elements that had plundered the hard-earned money of the poor and tried to impact the process of development through sit-ins can neither be loyal to the people nor Pakistan, said CM Shehbaz.

The chief minister said that whenever Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) came into power, it worked for public welfare and national development. Due to our sincere efforts and untiring hard work, he said, the country is now moving towards development, and the quality of life of the people today is much better than before. The politics of public service and the agenda of welfare and progress of the people has become the identity of the PML-N government, he added.

We shall approach the people in the upcoming general elections with the commitment of public service said Shehbaz while adding that a mammoth public mandate will be won by the PML-N in the elections of 2018.

The elements engaged in the politics of criticism should fully understand that the country progresses when practical steps are taken with the commitment of public service. The elements opposing the development projects aimed at public welfare have lost respect in the eyes of the people, and the vision of the PML-N government is public service, he concluded.

‘Best-quality stents being provided to cardiac patients across Punjab’:

CM Shehbaz has said that best-quality stents are being provided to the patients across Punjab and no compromise will be made over the quality of the stents for those suffering from cardiac diseases.

Addressing a meeting through video link on Friday, the chief minister said the provision of best treatment facilities to every patient is the responsibility of the government and the task is being performed amicably. It is our commitment to make Punjab an exemplary province with regard to the provision of best healthcare facilities and every possible step is being taken in the larger interest of the people, he added.

The chief minister said that there is no ambiguity in the policy of providing best treatment facilities to the people, and the cardiac devices recommended by the technical and procurement committee of the health department are procured for all provincial hospitals at an equal price through the central rate contract. He said that the stents should be provided while keeping in view the health conditions and interests of the patient. We have ensured the implementation of the policy aimed at providing the best medicines, cardiac devices and stents to the patients in all public sector hospitals.

He said that a registry mechanism is being devised in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board for stent under trace and track system in Punjab and all the relevant information will be made available including the design of the cardiac devices, purchase, usage and other relevant data. Through this trace and track system, the usage record of the stents will also be maintained, he said. The chief minister directed that the trace and track system should be made functional in four weeks and further said that the provision of quality stents at an equal price should be ensured in the model pharmacy of the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. There should be no difference in the quality and price of the stents in all model pharmacies, he added.

Health Secretary Najam Shah gave a detailed briefing about the stents’ qualities, types, rates and other issues of the cardiac patients. Health Minister Kh Salman Rafique, chief secretary, P&D secretary, heads of cardiology institutes and other officials also attended the meeting.

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