US authorises commanders to deal with safe havens in Pakistan: report | Pakistan Today

US authorises commanders to deal with safe havens in Pakistan: report

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration’s South Asia strategy provides US commanders in the region complete authority to ‘deal with terrorist safe havens in both Afghanistan and Pakistan’, according to a White House statement.

A local English daily reports that the United States (US) strategy announced by Trump last year highlighted the US conviction to deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan and make them succumb to the Afghan government.

The Trump administration recently also increased drone strikes at the alleged terrorist safe havens in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) with reports emerging that several ‘commanders’ of the dreaded Haqqani network also got killed in those attacks. But this is the first time that any US administration has ever spoken of authorising its field commanders to deal with the alleged safe havens inside Pakistan.

White House released a document on Tuesday night indicating that American commanders in the region also had the authority to deal with alleged terrorist safe havens inside Pakistan.

“President Trump’s conditions-based South Asia strategy provides commanders with the authority and resources needed to deny terrorists the safe haven they seek in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” it stated. “President Trump is making clear to our allies that they cannot be America’s friend while supporting or condoning terror.”

The White House also mentioned an executive order, issued earlier this month, to suspend security aid to Pakistan, saying: “The president has suspended security assistance to Pakistan, sending a long overdue message to aid recipients that we expect them to fully join us in combating terrorism.”

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  1. Maaz said:

    And all this time seculars/liberals in pkistan called USA an ally.

  2. Pearl said:

    Hope Pakistani government allows the military to go after safe heavens in Afghanistan but I have no hope because both the politicians & military think with brain and never with their heart. They are heartless and they have even forgiven those who claimed the responsibility for killing our 180 school children from Afghanistan

  3. Syed ahmed said:

    Pakistan FO has completely FAILED. Their absolute weak kneed responses to Afghanistan has only emboldened pro India Kabul who blames Pakistan for every ill. Why does the FO not DEMAND proof of Afghan militants in Pakistan? Why does the Pakistani PM not scream and shout when terrorists from Afghanistan come into Pakistan and kill our schoolchildren and weekly blasts etc.

    Why is the Pakistani leadership so useless, pathetic in its weak responses? Where is the strong voice which demands the US provide EVIDENCE? What are you so afraid of? You are inviting war because of this weakness, do you not see Iran and other nations standing firm and the US has dared not attack them?

    You have the truth on your side, then DEMAND EVIDENCE, Demand to know the coordinates of those locations that they accuse you of, and when they dont supply because they cannot, then tell the world. This is how todays FO should operate, straightforward, bold, upright and honest.

    I feel sad for the people of Pakistan that they are in the hands of such leaders. May Allah swt Help you.

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